Our Mission

We are a neutral entity which aims to promote competition, transparency and trust in the EOS ecosystem. We provide token holders with objective, fact-based information on BPs in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Korean) to help them have better insight into what each BP has achieved. According to our information, token holders can either vote directly for BPs or proxy their votes to us(shrimp2whale). We only vote for BPs who have contributed to the development of the EOS ecosystem.

The value of EOS goes up only when you vote for hard-woking and honest BPs.


The consistent growth of the EOS ecosystem relies to a great extent upon “fair competitionʺ. We now have six categories of evaluation: Investment, Development, Community, Education, Finance, and Etc. We establish fair competition among all players, whether European, Asian or American, in order for the EOS ecosystem to thrive and maximize growth.


Just as anyone can see what's written on the blockchain, BPs should disclose what they are doing. We continue to track their projects and activities so everyone can understand progress being made. Each project is assigned a status of Completed, Compromise, In Progress, Slow Progress, Stalled Progress, or Not Yet Rated. By providing seamless and transparent information sharing, we believe we can close the information gap.


We serve as a bridge between block producers and token holders to enhance community trust. Trust is an essential building block of a robust EOS ecosystem. Without it, there is a great deal of anxiety and strife, which will plague BPs and token holders alike. Therefore, we continue to encourage BPs to work hard and act responsibly to win the hearts and minds of the communities.

Vote for BPs based on our objective, fact-based information.

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