Proxy Service

 Proxy Voting

Based on our objective, fact-based information on BPs, we use our proxy votes. Block producers who have contributed to the development of the EOS ecosystem are only eligible for our proxy votes. Moreover, upholding code of conduct and EOS constitution is an essential precondition for getting our proxy votes. If block producers violate their code of conduct and EOS constitution, we will immediately exclude them from our proxy voting. Please proxy your votes to BP Ratings. Our official proxy account is ʺshrimp2whaleʺ.

Set Voting Power

You can adjust proxy voting power. Please login with Scatter in eosportal. 

Set Proxy

Please delegate your voting power to "shrimp2whale". Only delegated voting power will be exercised. 

How to use Scatter and create EOS account

How to use Scatter

EOS pub/private key pair

Do you have a public and private key pair? Please refer to the following to set up EOS account on Scatter.

How to create EOS account

EOS Account Creator

EOS Account Creator made by EOSVibes allows you to create an EOS accunt if you don’t have one yet. The cost of one EOS account is currently USD 6.99 when paid with cryptocurrencies, USD 8.65 when paid with credit card and 0.9 EOS when paid with EOS.

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